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Students need to know the proper dissertation format before they can be able to write any dissertation. Typically, a dissertation format will comprise of a title page, table of contents, an abstract, a body and a conclusion. The body will be split into various chapters, the notable ones being the introduction, literature review, findings, observations, discussions and analysis. This may however vary from one college to another and from one area of study to another.

The dissertation format of a humanity paper may not require the inclusion of an analysis of results page but it is a must in the structure of a scientific dissertation. Other sections such as literature review, the introduction and the bibliography are universal and apply to any dissertation.

A dissertation has the objective of reporting on a research project conducted by the author or a broad analysis of a topic. This in essence implies that the dissertation format must be able to explain the purpose of the research; the methods employed in collecting the information and of course the findings of the project.

The introduction will put into perspective the research topic, the literature review will show how relevant the research is and how informed the writer is about his area of research, the methodology will attempt to justify the design of the research and why it was picked in the first place while the discussion chapter will offer an explanation on the findings in light of the thesis and literature review.

A proper dissertation format can have a profound impact on your dissertation. Graduatescribes.com knows this is the truth and that is why we go out of our way to do dissertations in a format that fits your subject and preference.

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