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Plagiarism is a detrimental act of fraud, where one presents another author’s work or ideas as their own by not crediting the original author in the work prepared. It also includes close imitation of another writer’s thoughts and language without acknowledging them as the source of the content. Since plagiarism is regarded as a form of cheating, students who plagiarize their work are penalized by course failure or even suspension from school. Plagiarism can also call for legal action by the offended party against the culprit.


The team of academic writers understands the gravity of plagiarized work, it is part of our work policy to prepare each order we receive from scratch. Since we do not tolerate copied papers, our professional writers do not duplicate information from the internet while writing your paper. They conduct in-depth research from various reliable sources that relate to your topic and compile the information gathered in their words.


Each completed paper is passed through the Turnitin advanced software that scans the order carefully for the slightest cases of similarity at all the stages of your order. This ensures that the final product you receive is 100% authentic. Moreover, all completed orders are deleted from our database upon delivery to our clients. This is an assurance that the work will not be resold to anyone else in future, so you will be the sole owner of the write-up you receive from us.


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